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Our Buyer Clients

Buyer clients – Are those who either rent or purchase our seller client’s properties through us.

While doing all our business activities, we follow a very simple straight forward principle.
“Only because we could, does not mean we should!”
There are many people whom we’ve refused to accept as our buyer clients.
This may be because of many reasons, such as –
– if we feel the buyer is not right for us & /or seller clients
– if we feel the buyer’s business is not right for us &/or our clients.
– if we feel that we buyer are unable to help buyer
– if the buyer does not treat us professionally
– if the buyer is not ready to pay our professional fees
In such cases, we choose not to work with them.

On the other hand, we prefer working with buyers,  
– who are professional
– who understand, appreciates & value our services
– who pay us willfully & cheerfully

– who are open about their business, requirements & budgetary constraints.
If you are such a buyer, then you are very much welcome to suVastu. You would surely enjoy our services.

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