“Are You Interested In Buying / Selling & Renting Any Type Of Commercial
Space In Nashik –
Like Office, Shop, Godowns or Malls?”

Hello & Welcome

First of all let me thank you for visiting this site. I assure you that you’ve arrived at right place.

Are you looking for properties in Nashik area?

Buying, selling or investing. All types of properties’ decision must be based on fundamental knowledge about the area where you are planning to invest. The more knowledge you have, the better for you.

At Suvastu,our first aim is to help you – our clients in making good decision. We are probably the only real estate company in Nashik area that has advised our clients on many occasions NOT TO BUY certain property. Simply because it was not in their best interest.

In the same manner we are here to tell you that – Do not buy the first property you see! Analyze it properly. On our site, you shall find various checklists to analyse ALL types of properties.

Or You can simply delegate that work to us and relax. We will do the rest of the hard & grunt work for you.

On the following pages you will find the kind of information that nobody wants to share with their clients. But as said we are different. For us you come first before anyone else, including ourselves.

We are assuming that you’re in one of the situations given below

Untitled-1Situation 1

You own commercial space in Nashik & you want to either rent it or sell it.


Situation 2

You Want to rent or buy commercial space in Nashik City.

Untitled3Situation 3

You are looking for some good investment
in Nashik.


Before telling you that, let me clear couple of things –

a)     We don’t deal in residential properties  in Nashik – Like & flats, bungalows or row houses in Nashik.

b)    We don’t deal in flats In & around Nashik. If you’re looking for any of this then we’re sorry.

We specialize only  in Nashik’s commercial properties. it that’s what you are looking for, then pl visit other sites. We simply don’t have what you want.

So here are the steps you must take –

Step 1 – Go through our website. Read as much as you want about us, our fees & our policies.

Step 2 – Once you are satisfied & still think that we can help you, then do contact us on Ph – 99210 76779.

Nashik is very nice city. And if you look at Nashik’s real estate, it looks promising.

And we are here to help you in getting your office, shop or mall set up in Nashik.

Manisha Gurule


How We Work

1) You visit our website or see our ads

2) You download our special FREE Report.

3) You go through knowledge base on the sate.

4) You contact us regarding your specific real estate need.

5) We email you ‘Confidential needs Analysis’ Questionnaire.

6) You fill it & email it back to us.

7) We go through it very carefully.

8) We decide whether we can help you or not
– If not, then we tell you so & direct you towards other resources or competent person, if we know any.
– If yes, then we tell you so.

9) We fix telephone/personal appointment – depending on where you are located.

10) You go through the ‘suVastu RE Profit Kit’

11) We discuss terms & conditions.
Our team prepare ‘Complete Property Plan’ for you – very specific & customized for you & based on your needs.

12) We present it to you.

13) Then we start implementation.

14) We deliver the results to your satisfactions.

15) You give us 3 reference of your acquaintances.

16) We fulfill other things.

17) We do initial primary discussion.
Then we send ‘suVastu RE profit kit – by courier it in India & by mail. If out of India.

18) You again hire us for your sent need & we start all over.

This is the systematic procedure we have been using for our clients who wants to deal in Nashik area.
All types of commercial properties for rent and sale in Nashik.